Task Failed - Install and Configure Tomcat Server

Hello Team,

I have assigned with the task Install and configure Tomcat Server
To complete this task, I have done all the necessary steps and when I was checked the Tomcat service is listening on mentioned port in Q.
The Tomcat service is listening properly and also checked the same process PID showing correctly.

Attached below screenshot for the same.

But still the task is failed with the below message :-
application is not setup correctly on App Server 3

@Inderpreet @KodeKloud @mmumshad @kodekloud-support3
Can you please check and let me know what I have done wrong to complete the task.?



Hi, Did you check using curl or something if your webpage is loading on tomcat URL ?

I have checked using the curl command and it shows me the output as well.
The Tomcat URL is working fine.

I m forgot to take the screenshot of the curl output.



@Inderpreet Have u checked the issue.?
Can you please update me what I have done wrong or anything missed from my side.?


Marked it Pending for you please give it another try.