Task failed i don't know the correct reason why?

I have complete tasked successfully but i don’t know why its marked failed. Kindly look into it.



Your answer seems correct so far but you had to ensure that Apache is reachable from outside hosts as well like jump host but I realized that must have been mentioned in the question so I have modified the question. I am marking this task as Pending for you again so you can give it an another try.


thank you but faced again error. This time able to see from jump host side but its showing failed again may be i am wrong or what? kindly assist me. That is making me crazy

and i knew i enabled the firewall service. I don’t know why i am facing this issue may be today is not my day. :frowning:

?? not getting exact point yet
failed details “Seem’s like you have stopped iptables firewall service on app server 1.” @Inderpreet


As per error you have stopped iptables service on App Server 1 which is obviously not recommended due to security reasons. You need to make sure to make Apache reachable without stopping iptables service.


Hello, @Inderpreet
Okay but i haven’t got any error response from iptables and i have installed firewall as well to fix security issue.
Kindly make it clarify question as more it’s good for beginner basis. Max 2 reattempt options must be available, that will explore more the tasks.

Hi @player001

Thanks for your feedback. Since you stopped the iptables service itself so there was no chance to get any error response from iptables in the shell/terminal. However you were supposed not to stop this service as it could be really crucial to stop the server firewall itself.

We will definitely try to improve this question if needed.