Task Failed - Git Clone Repositories

Hi Team, can some one please help to find out what i am missing or doing wrong ?

I have used the below code .
git clone /opt/cluster.git /usr/src/kodekloudrepos/ && cd /usr/src/kodekloudrepos/;

getting below output.
Cloning into ‘/usr/src/kodekloudrepos’…
warning: You appear to have cloned an empty repository.

when going to /usr/src/kodekloudrepos/
no cluster.git found and task was failed.

please help

Hello, @mdrkarim
Can you please share it in the “Review” Section?

Hi @player001,
I have put it under review.
Thanks for your help.

Hi KodeKloud Team please help. @Inderpreet

Hello, @mdrkarim
I haven’t seen your request in the “Review” section.