Task failed - False negative - IPTables rule not added permanently

I was working on the IP Tables configuration task and I have completed configuration successfully. However upon completing the task I was notified that the task is unsuccessful saying the change is not persisted in the stapp01 - which is wrong. I believe the validation script is failing. Here is the screenshot for reference.

Here is the list rules displayed after the “iptables-save” commit was done.

@Badri, the iptables-save script does not save the rules permanently. This script only parses the rules and print them to stdout. You need to manually write this content to the right file. This link can give you some more info https://www.thomas-krenn.com/en/wiki/Saving_Iptables_Firewall_Rules_Permanently

Hi @francilio
I have seen few times using sudo iptables-save does the trick (at least I saw in my centos VM). I am pretty new to linux and quite possible I did not understand properly. I was referring https://www.booleanworld.com/depth-guide-iptables-linux-firewall/ and it says if we are installing the package iptables-services then iptables-save should be fine as it internally does the same as iptables-save > /etc/sysconfig/iptables
Are you aware if this is correct?

Edit. Actually I have seen if I have enabled the iptables to start with then iptables-save works

I think i now know service iptables save works. Posted here