Task Failed: "Deploy Iron Gallery App on Kubernetes"

Hi @KodeKloud, @Inderpreet, @rahul456

I’ve got an error message "template’s spec resources limits ‘memory’ for ‘iron-gallery’ deployment is not ‘100Mi’ under namespace ‘iron-namespace-nautilus’ ". There may be a discrepancy in the description of the task and validation. Please have a look.
Task description:
"There is iron gallery app the Nautilus DevOps team was developing. They have recently customized the app and going to deploy the same on the Kubernetes cluster. Below you can find more details:

  1. Create a namespace iron-namespace-nautilus
  2. Create a deployment iron-gallery-deployment-nautilus for iron gallery under the same namespace you created.
    :- Labels run should be iron-gallery.
    :- Replicas count should be 1.
    :- Selector’s matchLabels run should be iron-gallery.
    :- Template labels run should be iron-gallery under metadata.
    :- The container should be named as iron-gallery-container-nautilus, use kodekloud/irongallery:2.0 image ( use exact image name / tag ).
    :- Resources limits for memory should be 100Mi and for CPU should be 50m.
    :- First volumeMount name should be config, its mountPath should be /usr/share/nginx/html/data.
    :- Second volumeMount name should be images, its mountPath should be /usr/share/nginx/html/uploads.
    :- First volume name should be config and give it emptyDir and second volume name should be images, also give it emptyDir.

@ivbor, as per question, you were asked to set resources limits not resources requests.

O-oh, No!!! But, yes, you are absolutely right. This is a very sad mistake. The good news is it didn’t happen on a production env. ) Thank you so much.

Can I create on yaml file with all the needed Deployments and Services? When I did that it only says “service/iron-gallery-service-devops created” but not other things are getting created. Sorry if it is a stupid question. I am new to Kubernetes.

I created separate yaml files then was able to create the deployments and services.

@supriya.pannamboor, can you please share (DM) your yml template.