Task failed (Copy file to Appserver 2)

Hello all,

I finished my new task (Copy a nautilus.txt.gpg file from Jump Server to Nautilus App 2). Did the job, file was there - verified it even after the failed message.
What happened there?

For me it looks like I copied the file correctly from the Jump server to App Server 2 inside the app directory.

Any comments on this?

Thanks all and regards from Germany

@cwollny Hi, Welcome to Kodekloud, would you please post the error message as well as the actual question if it is possible?

Hey Nasri,

when I click on the details of the task it shows the following:
“- ‘nautilus.txt.gpg’ doesn’t exist on App Server 2”.
Unfortunately I don’t have access to more details of the task. It is named by “Linux Remote Copy” and the task was to copy the mentioned file “nautilus.txt.gpg” from the Jump Server to App Server 2, because the developers don’t have access to them for copying themselves.

I hope this helps?

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You can go with review request , find your mistakes and do it again.

Ok, that didn’t help.
Please have a look at the task description:

One of the Nautilus developers has copied confidential data on the jump host in Stratos DC . That data must be copied to one of the app servers. Because developers do not have access to app servers, they asked the system admins team to accomplish the task for them.
Copy /tmp/nautilus.txt.gpg file from jump server to App Server 2 at location /home/app .

As you can see in the screenshot above, the file is on App Server 2 at location /home/app/nautilus.txt.gpg
Can’t see a mistake from my site regarding the result…

Hello, @cwollny
You have to copy the file into the /home/app not User’s /home/steve/app/nautilus.txt.gpg and in the last steps, you copied into the location /home/app ?

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You can get login credentials from here.

You have copied in the wrong location ~/App/nautilus.txt.gpg --> /home/steve/App/nautilus.txt.gpg
Actual task is to copy the file into the location --> /home/app/
Hope it will clear your doubts. Still task in your hand. Do in the second attempt. Make sure there is no mistake regarding caps and small letter like /App/ instead of /app/.

Sorry, typed it wrong here. On the server I typed it in lowercase :slight_smile:
But you’re right, it was the wrong location because of permissions. Instead of copying with sudo out of the users home I stored it there…my mistake!