Task DNS Troubleshooting and Apache Troubleshooting


I completed these tasks successfully a few days ago, and today when I came back to the platform the labs were marked as expired. What happened?

Hello Bernado,

It seems to be temporary glitch, do you see any changes in the points?


Hi @rahulsoni, thanks for the fast reply.
I’m sorry, I didn’t quite understand the question. What do you mean by changes in the points? The tasks would award 200 points each and those points are not counting towards my experience, if that’s what your asking.


Hello Bernado,

By points I mean, the experience points, are they same?
Because once you complete the task your experience points as well as ranks gets up.

As i said, this might ne the temporary glitch too.

I haven’t checked the actual value after I finished the task, but i’m sure the tasks were marked as successful when I finished them. Now I know the experience points I have are not counting with those two tasks.

I’ll just wait a few more days to check if this is a glitch.

Just to update. It seems that this is not a temporary glitch, the tasks are still marked as expired. Not a big issue though.