Task Configure Local Yum repos

I don’t understand this task “Configure Local Yum repos”.

I’m following this tutorial https://phoenixnap.com/kb/create-local-yum-repository-centos

In the tutorial I have to install apache for example, but yum not work.

please help me or give me a clue

Hello, @mcortes
This could be help you to understand the procedure of local yum. Redhat Link
Let me know if you got your goal.

hi @player001, thanks for your help.
I completed successfully the task.

I understood wrong the task to beginning, but then I read again some times and I could achieve it.

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Good to hear that. There is no hurry and no rush. Take your time. If you don’t have time and you started the task, you can choose option “Try again later”. :+1:

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