Task 7 Disable root login


For disabling root login, I changed the PermitRootLogin to no and restarted the sshd service but marked as failed. Is there anything which I had to do for completing the task ?



I just reviewed your answer and found that you changed PermitRootLogin to no but you forgot to remove # from start of this line, hence it was not considered by the configuration and changes were not in impact.

I hope it clears your doubt.


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Hi, My bad. Thank you!

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@Inderpreet @KodeKloud Can you please advise what went wrong in my case. I followed the following steps in all app server, but did it only complain about App Server 1. please let me know!

Hello, Ali
Have you restart the sshd service?

yes, I did for all the App server only this one complained as mentioned
@Inderpreet please advise

@Ali possibly you missed to restart sshd service on that server.