Task 19 - NFS Troubleshooting

Hi Team,

I tried to complete the NFS task but I couldn’t make progress from the below error. Check on multiple options but nothing is working for me. I’m completely new to storage. Can someone help me with suggestions on how to proceed further from here.

Tried to add the ip and mount point given in the storage server on /etc/exports and tried restarting the services but i see connectivity between storage on destination app server is not happening.

Check the /etc/hosts and i see the entires are fine for all the servers

How to fix this failed to resolve issue.

root@ststor01 ~]# exportfs -r
exportfs: No options for /data,,: suggest,,(sync) to avoid warningexportfs: Failed to resolve,,exportfs: Failed to resolve,,exportfs: /data does not support NFS export[root@ststor01 ~]#

Any insights/tips to get this fix will be very helpful


@shakthiprakash28 It seems you have only done server part configuration only. How about installing nfs package on each client, doing required configurations on each client then doing the mounting.

Once this is done create file file in the client machine directory which is mapped to sever shared directory & you will see the result.