Task 11: Disable Root Login

Hi, I disabled the root login as requested in the task, yet I failed when I submitted it which was strange to. Below are the steps i used;

  1. tony@stapp01 ~: sudo su
  2. root@stapp01 tony]: whomai
  3. root@stapp01 tony]: cd /etc
  4. root@stapp01 etc] : cd ssh
  5. root@stapp01 ssh] :vi sshd.config
  6. then set PermitRootLogin to (no)
  7. saved changes with esc+:wq
  8. root@stapp01 ssh] systemctl restart sshd

I did the same for the other 2 app servers (i.e. Steve and Banner)!
root user|690x346

You have to remove # symbol before PermitRootLogin and restart sshd service.

In the screenshot, you didnt removed hash(#) symbol.

My bad, this totally skipped my mind that I didn’t uncomment that line. I just checked my screenshot again.
Imagine how this silly mistake cost me valuable points.
Thanks anyway @ramashish.sharma