Taks - DNS TroubleShooting

Hi Guys,

I’m very new on this platform and all this technologies. First task I have assigned is - DNS TroubleShooting, really not idea where to start, so would be really helpful if somebody can give me some guide about where to find the solution of this problem or where can learn more about this specific topic.

you have to move into /etc/resolve.conf file by cat command. You can see that output on terminal. By using Vi editor help add google universal DNS in that nameserver after that it is resolved. Dont restart network service otherwise it will reset again. so as per question, task is temporary basis.

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these two links are vary useful if you can do by them then ok or ask for further help


Thank you! Very useful

@Inderpreet hello i did add open sudo vi /etc/resolv.conf and added google ipv6 dns name servers
nameserver 2001:4860:4860::8888
nameserver 2001:4860:4860::8844
and saved the /etc/resolv.conf and then i pinged for ipv4 and got response for the ping, however the task says failed, with reason no valid google public dns found on app server 2

@Inderpreet pls specify in the task whether we have to add ipv4 dns nameserver or ipv6 dns nameserver, even if we are adding ipv6 dns servers and when i did $ping it did give response correctly.but the task result says failed.

I don’t understand what does app server {{HOST_COUNT}} mean? On what server this task has to be performed? I did it on all the app servers but it resulted in task failure. @Inderpreet @mmumshad @player001

Hello, rakshita
If it’s not populated in proper format then how did you performed this? But don’t worry you will be assigned this task in future so be ready for upcoming tasks.

I assumed it to be performed on app servers (because of “app server {{Host_count}}” kind of thing was mentioned there) so I configured all 3 app servers but it got failed that is why I want to know that on which server it has to be performed? @player001

KKE team will respond on this. Don’t worry. May be you will get chance to retry again. Rest of users getting chance to perform again.

There is a tutorial about this task. You can check it here: DNS Troubleshooting KodeKloud

@player001 I’m pretty sure I do the task correctly, but the result say failed. So is there any solution?

Steps -

  1. Login to the mentioned app server.
  2. Update /etc/resolv.conf file with google’s ipv4 dns nameserver eg : -

Thanx @ghori83 – this link really helped me . I got the detailed idea.