Taints in NODES

Hello a question if I have in my CLUSTER 2 Nodes: Master & Node01, and I put a Taint to Node01:

$ kubectl taint node node01 env=desa:NoSchedule

I understand that this will cause both NoSchedule to have both NoSchedule (the default Master is: NoSchedule too). I understand that the way.

If I create a Pod, I understand that it will be created with a status: Pending (because the Nodes are in NoSchedule), and it will not be assigned to any Node.

Here the solution would be to apply a Toleration to the Pod so that it is assigned to Node01:

- key: "env"
operator: "Equal"
value: "desa"
effect: "NoSchedule"

But right now I have tested the Pod just putting a:

nodeName: node01

And it worked too, it made the Pod go into state: Running and it will be assigned to Node: Node01.

Would the last solution be well handled?

Thank you.

Yes, @maktup because it takes the more precedence.