Swarm loadbalancer

I have 3 node swarm cluster with 2 instances of Flask App running. I can reach flask app using any one of the
node IPs. My requirement is to have an external load balancer that will resolve to a DNS and forward
traffic to any of these 3 nodes in the cluster(loadbalancing). I came across nginx and Traefik but unable to setup locally
to test. Can you guys please provide useful links for the same.
Also can i put this loadbalacer in the master node itself? If so, how do i block users from accessing the flask app using worker node IPs
(since flask ports are exposed on all the nodes of the swarm).
Any illustrations with the solution would be highly helpful.

Hi Vikram,

We 're trying to make this course very simple to match who doesn’t have any experience in Docker. We discussed Docker-Swarm in details in our Docker advanced course :