Swarm Leader Manager vs Swarm Manger

Hi, I have 1 swarm manager leader and 1 swarm manager. I have deployed 4 replicas of Nginx across my nodes. I can connect to Nginx using swarm leader manager IP but I can not connect to Nginx using swarm manager IP. What would be the reason for this problem?

Furthermore, the Swarm leader manager node consists of 2 Nginx containers and the swarm manager node also consists of 2 Nginx containers.

Thank you

Hi serdar.yalcin,
Could you please make the swarm manager to leader & leader to swarm manager and try how it behaves.


I have solved the problem by reinstalling docker. I think the docker state was corrupted. I am able to connect from both nodes now.
Thank you

Hello serdar.yalcin
Great happy learning.