Struggling with Tasks

Before I started working with KodeKloud Engineer, I did not realize that the essential pre-requisite was to have (what feels like) extensive knowledge of Linux administration. I am having significant trouble getting through most of the tasks that I am assigned. I am going through the two courses that you provided for Linux Basics and Pre-requisites to compensate for this knowledge gap. I’m glad that I know I’m having this problem now, so that I can do my best to overcome it before I get employed in DevOps, but it’s more than a little discouraging that I don’t seem to have the first clue of how to solve most of those problems.

Particularly when it comes to the web server concepts, I really have no idea how to solve those issues. If you have any suggestions for me, I could really use them.

I was feeling confident with the Kubernetes learning, but I haven’t even gotten close to doing any of that within KodeKloud Engineer, because I’m apparently unable to get through the first level of tasks. I’ve put all of my Kubernetes training on hold while I rush through the pre-requisite training.

I think you have to first complete the System Administration Level then you can proceed to Devops Level .

That’s a really broad question, so it’s difficult to give good advice on that. But yeah, in general it takes a while before you get used to this text-based configuration style. Especially because every software project uses it’s own format.

So when you’re faced with something new, you’ll have to google how to achieve something. I also have to do that, but since the tasks aren’t too hard in the SysAdmin level (usually they’re just a few steps), there’s usually a guide for what you have to achieve.
If you’re not sure what a guide is making you do, if you’re just copy-pasting without understanding it, go to the official documentation of the server you’re trying to configure. Find the docs for the things you configured and try to understand what it is that you did.

Maybe look at the getting started page of the apache web server. It seems to explain some basic concepts. Just browse around and see what you can figure out for yourself already. If you got any questions that are a bit more specific, you can ofc. post them. It’s just easier to help out when the question is not too general.