Streaming not working

All the videos of kodekloud is not getting streamed in my laptop.

Could you please help me?

Hi, sorry about that. It could be a temporary issue. Can you please try again now and report if the issue persists?

Hi Mumshad,
There is no change in the issue.
I still have same problem. html5 or flash both are not working in my laptop using chrome, ie and edge.
Screenshot atatched.

Could you please help us , do we have to any specific browser other than ones that i mentioned…
Thanks and awaiting for quick reply.

Sorry about that. We just checked our end and don’t see any issue. Can you please right click on the page select inspect and then select console and send us what you see there?

Can you also please try deleting any cookies and reloading?

Have you tried pressing the play button?

Hi ramureddy,

Was this issue resolved? We have checked the backend and labs and do not see any issue on our end.

If you are still facing issues, can you send us the logs from the browser logs / try reloading after deleting cookies or incognito browsing?