Ssh to node in static pod lab

Hi all,

For the last question of the static pod lab, I need to ssh to other node to remove the static pod yaml definition file.

I use the IP of the node under the CNI subnet and use ssh to login, but the connection to port 22 is refused.

Anyone got the same problem?

Thank you.

Hello @hlngai,

Kindly check the following steps:

  1. kubectl get nodes -o wide - then copy the INTERNAL-IP of the node.
  2. ssh root@NODE01-INTERNAL-IP
  3. check the path of the static pod at the file /var/lib/kubelet/config.yaml on node01 then navigate to staticPodPath

If you faced any problems try to restart the lab and check It again.

I am still facing the same issue that @hlngai has faced. I even tried adding an entry for node01 in /etc/hosts as well.

Hello, @moinuddin14
Can you please tell me what steps you followed?

Hi @player001 I got the internal IP from kubectl get no -o wide and then tried ssh root@internal-ip

I checked and it’s working.