Ssh passwordless authentication

I don’t understand how I failed this task, I setup up passwordless authentication by adding thor public key on all app servers in the /home/thor/.ssh/authorized_keys directory and made sure thor could ssh directly to them without password via
ssh or ssh thor@

how did it fail?

i did all the steps and able to ssh (password less) but dint know why i failed.

You should have provided access to all users, not just thor.

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I don’t think the task description was clear on that … anyway could you explain how to do that?


In this task it is asked to configure password-less SSH access for thor user (on jump host) to all app server through their respective sudo users (for example tony for stapp01). I hope it clears why this task was marked as failed for you guys.

@Inderpreet I don’t understand the question, I guess.

I enabled thor to have passwordless ssh access from jump to stapp01, stapp02, and stapp03.
I enabled tony to passwordless ssh from jump to stapp01.
I enabled steve to passwordless ssh from jump to stapp02.
I enabled banner to passwordless ssh from jump to stapp03.

Were we supposed to give thor the ability to passwordless ssh in as users:

  • tony to stapp01?
  • steve to stapp02?
  • banner to stapp03?

My error seen was:
user has no passwordless on App Server 1
user has no passwordless on App Server 2
user has no passwordless on App Server 3

in app1 server you knew who is sudo user there tony, same app2 steve, app3 banner as same in jump_host thor. So you have to configure ssh passwordless authentication to those user. Not to a create user in jump host. Hope it’s help you.

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Thank you Player1,
I appreciate the reply.