SSH credentials are not correct for stapp01 and stapp02

Hey Everyone,

i was tring to login to stapp01 and stapp02 but ssh password is not correct and however I can login with stapp03 credentials .

Any thoughts about that?

Hi @black0x ,
Maybe you have to perform the task only on the stapp03 server, not on the stapp01, stapp02 server.

If this is not the case then please share the task description. I will assist you.

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Hi Tej,

i have tasks were failed due to ssh password issue , the only server I can access is stapp03 .

Linux TimeZones Setting - Make sure the timezone is set correctly on App Server 1

Hi @black0x ,
Please share it under the “Review” section and paste those links here.
I will review it. If it’s a system issue then I will mark it “pending” for you. If it’s not a system issue then you have to reattempt again.
Don’t worry about that in both cases, I will suggest how to complete this.


Thanks @Tej-Singh-Rana .

I tried to find this task under the Review section but it does not exist. only thing I have is details like below .

What is your username?

@Tej-Singh-Rana - username: black0x

Hi @black0x ,
I checked and I am able to ssh to all app servers. Please give it a try and let me know.

If you are seeing an issue after doing copy/paste then try to type manually as well.
Please avoid using the server name’s aliases. Simply type Server Name or IP Address both will work without any issues
Example: -

ssh tony@stapp01 or ssh tony@

All user’s credentials, and server names are available here: -

Bookmark the above page so next time you don’t need to find it anywhere.

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I don’t understand where is mistake and why is this incomplete?