Sorry, but what the point to get 5 minutes work in every 48 hours?

I know it’s free, but I would even pay for it as it would be the best game/course ever, but I don’t even understand how would it work for anybody if you can get 1 job (about 5 minutes) in every 48 hours. With this pace, you pick up 1 hour experience in 24 days, and only 15 hours in a whole year. Seeing the astronomical experience point on the leaderboard, it’s obvious that they either 1000 years old, or they are relatives of the programmers and have cheat codes to get the tasks quicker. The delay is perfectly reasonable off course if you are assigning the tasks manually, but you said somewhere it’s automatic and it should be as it’s a free software in a big planet: you will run out of workers very soon with manual assignment. The delay looks like somehow deliberate as it always almost exactly 48 hours.

Please let me know what is going on.
Is it possible to get the tasks quicker?
Is it because of the assignments are made manually? If that is the reason: do you have any plan to make it automatic - which case you would have a really great product.

Thanks for trying out the platform @zboros ! Unfortunately it is not possible to get the tasks quicker as of now. Task assignments are automatic and the delay of 24 to 48 hours is deliberate. That’s how we make sure we spread out capacity so everyone gets to access it for free. We have plans to improve it as we gain more capacity and our systems get more efficient. You will get tasks with more points that have more complex requirements such as troubleshooting a Kubernetes cluster and building pipelines in Jenkins as you progress through current tasks.

And no, those who are top of the leaderboard are not relatives of the programmers and do not have cheat codes. They have been with the platform for some time and have been completing the tasks assigned to them on time. You can also gain more points by reviewing other’s tasks and helping them solve their issues.

I hope that helps answer your queries.

As always, thank you for giving it a shot.

As you progress, you will start getting more experience points for tasks. That being said, it does still take a long time.

Thank you for the quick answer. I’m sorry I didn’t really think you are giving away cheat codes, I was just being sarcastic - I shouldn’t have wrote that.

I just think it’s a one of the kind product, and a revolutionary course format. I would be happy to pay premium for the “game”, and it would be more than enough for buy the capacity I need (and of course it’s true in case of anybody who interested). Any course which is deliberetly slowed down is a little flustrating and have limited usability. In my case for example, my main goal is to learn these technologies, but I have a few months, not years to do so.

Or maybe customers who are paying subsription already could get unrestricted access (maybe with another, more expensive subscription tier): that also could pay for the extra capacity.

Thank you for created this great platform. I’m sorry I’m not trying to be a smartass and tell you what to do, I’m sure you had already considered these options. I just hope you will find the way somehow to take away the restrictions.

@mmumshad - Thanks for the great platform and revolutionary idea for learning!
@zboros I have started course mid-April, now I’m close to 24K points, and most of them are bonus points for fast task execution and for execution of tasks in a row without failures. I totally agree, most of tasks are pretty easy and spending 15-20 mins per task and then waiting even another 24 hours for the next task is kind of ‘too long’. On the other hand, getting tasks too often would make it really like work, not a game, and frustration of too many tasks or missed deadline for tasks would burn the fun.
So 24H timeout since task was completed for the moment looks like some sort of a balanced approach.
Also, I would agree to pay a little extra for infrastructure to get tasks assigned more often, like once in 12H or maybe within some configurable timeout. Hope @mmumshad you can consider this as an option to monetize for those who wish to progress the learning faster. A small fee, couple of dollars per month to get tickets assigned faster.

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