Score not updated after successful assignment

After completing today’s task , the score remains same , i.e 109360 . Please check


Same issue with me and few others today. Hope admins will look into it soon.

I am having the same issue.

@Inderpreet @mmumshad I am facing the same issue since the last two days. Score does not update after successful completion of task. Can you please check.

Same issue happened today even . I just completed an assignment 'Fix Issue with VolumeMounts in Kubernetes" , but the score remains the same

@Inderpreet , @mmumshad , please check and update the status .

I did 2 tasks. no score update . Same issue

Hi, sorry about that. We are looking into this now. We will update everyone’s experience points.

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The issues should be fixed now. Can you please confirm if everything looks good at your end?

It’s fixed now . Thanks