Run Ansible throught web page

Hi all,

I am thinking if there is a way to run Ansible playbook throught a web page, where we can select the playbook to run and only provide the server name to run on it?

Any one has done this before or have any idea how to do it?

Thank you in advance.

Hello @Cristian-Gomez-Arand,
You need to check Ansible Tower from here Ansible Documentation

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Install awx. You will need to make your own container for runner.
On my playbooks i have the host set to a variable of target and then this is provided in extra vars

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You can use ansible AWX the free version of Ansible Tower and you can also do so much things with it
you can create many projects and call them via templates.
you can also define workflow of many projects.
Another way to make a notification system to give you a hint one the project is finished.
To install it you can just search install awx on any system based linux that you want ( centos7, ubuntu…, ect)

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@Cristian-Gomez-Arand I really loved Semaphore
It’s been a while since I used it, but it was an excellent open-source project.

Vitor Jr.
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