Rolling updates, and Rolling back Deployments in Kubernetes

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The task failed due to pods state, please check this issue.

Hello, Narendra096
What is the actual task is?

  1. Create a namespace xfusion. Further create a deployment called httpd-deploy under this namespace, It should have one container called httpd, use httpd:2.4.25 image and 6 replicas. The deployment should use Rollingupdate strategy with maxSurge=1, and maxUnavailable=2.

  2. Next upgrade the deployment to version httpd:2.4.43 using rolling update.

  3. Finally, once all pods are updated undo the update and roll back to the previous/original version.

@KodeKloud @player001 @Inderpreet
please update on this task.

Hi @Narendra096 please always make sure to click on Finish after verifying all pods are up and running, sometimes pods can take few minutes to be in Running state so if you finish the task before that its gonna fail.

Hi @Inderpreet i already cross checked the status of pods twice before clicking on finish button. please let me know if you need more info from my side.

@Narendra096 I marked it Pending for you to try again.

Hi, @Inderpreet thanks for making it pending for me, but I tried second time and getting same error
Please find below screenshot for more info

@Narendra096 Got it thanks. This is marked Success for you and issue is fixed now.

For me too this task failed without any information.

@Inderpreet appreciate your support.

hi @mihsan can you please share your KKE user details ?

@rahul456 is my KKE user-id

@rahul456 @Inderpreet any update on this.

@mihsan, sorry for the issue, this is marked pending for you, pleaes give it an another try.

Thank you @rahul456

I was able to redo and got success.