Review reward points set to expire?!

Hi @rahul456, @Inderpreet

I have one reward point from a review of one of the task that is been set to expired in my bucket?
Reviewed for MS : Fix issue with LAMP Environment in Kubernetes

Can you please change it back to get the 200 points worth review and also it apears to in my list as incompleted task (not fair) since I already helped someone with reviewing their work and I got the points at that time, but not sure why its set to expired

Thanks and regards

@rahul456 can you please fix the issue reported here?
thank you

It appears thsi is a common problem for us all . Even i am facing this

Hello, @nashwan
KKE team is looking into this. Please read the recent update.

@player001 i believe what i reported is a different issue.
I hope they guys can check this issue seperately.
@mmumshad @rahul456

@nashwan, your expired task has been marked success, since there was an issue at the backend during that time, please keep working on upcoming tasks.

@rahul456 thanks for fixing that, though now I am not getting new tasks. the last task I got was
Dec 23, 2020 5:30:30 (Australia timezone) can you please take a look at this for me.

All good now, I got it, it was a late assignment tho. thanks

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