Review comments gets deleted automatically

@KodeKloud Team, It looks like review comments are getting deleted automatically when I post. I saw few other people mentioned the same issue. After submitting multiple times one review comment will get successfully posted. Something is wrong, I can see the errors in devcosnole when I submit the review comment and it will vanish after a refresh.

+1. I faced the same error today with my review comments getting deleted.

@phantomsg, @sathish2032, we are checking this. Hope it will be resolved soon. Thanks for reporting.

I am still facing the same issue. I had to literally submit 3-4 times and get one request success. Rest all the time my comments will be deleted automatically :frowning:

@sathish2032 can you please share a screenshot or video recording of errors which you are getting on devconsole .

See the video recording here:

Also, even after you have deleted all the comments, the comment count in summary page is shown incorrectly:

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@phantomsg @sathish2032 issue resolved.