Retaining or Redepoying my Azure playground setup post lab expiry

Some of the Azure playground deployments take some effort to setup & after the 3 hour lab allowance. Youll have to start from scratch to setup.

How can i retain my deployments to pick them up from another lab session.
Or is there a template i can save my Azure deployments to so i can spin them up to the actual config, architecture & state in a new lab session ?

HI @Tej-Singh-Rana & Support Team
Kindly assist with feedback

Kindly also advise on the expected feedback timeframe.
My enquiry was posted 2 days ago. The response lag isnt encouraging

Hello @okeyf16

The question has been asked internally as to whether an IaC solution can be used like Terraform or ARM so you can persist resources yourself declaratively.

The environments cannot be hibernated and restarted though. At the end of the lab, the infrastructure is destroyed as it would cost unnecessarily to leave it hanging around.


HI @Alistair_KodeKloud
Thanks for the feedback. Though it took 2 days, your team needs to work on the response time its not encouraging

Please can you point me to the response so I can pick up from there?

Also, Ive been trying to create an Azure registry. but it keeps failing & flagging policy violation. Note I picked the Basic SKU
Is it not covered in resources accessible on the playground? Where can i see the list of permitted resources & SKUs

Hi @okeyf16 ,
Apologies for the delayed response. The next time, we will respond to you on time.
You can see the available list of services from the link below: -

Cloud Playground Support (

I can see that Azure Registry is not whitelisted so it won’t be possible to use this resource.

I will request you to please send mail for a new service request to our Our cloud team will look into it and will respond accordingly.

KodeKloud Support

HI @Alistair_KodeKloud @Tej-Singh-Rana

Please can you point me to the response to the IAC/terraform enquiry so I can pick up from there?
Referencing Allistairs feedback from 2 days ago

Hi @okeyf16 As Alistair and Tej pointed out, our playgrounds are all fixed for 3 hours as per design. Regarding the IAC/Terraform enquiry, what Alistair suggested is that you could make use of a tool such as terraform to deploy resources when you being a lab. This will reduce the time needed to manually provision services allowing you more time to spend on the playground. I hope this is clear.

P.S: We will work on adding Azur registry to the supported services as well.

Just to confirm @vijin.palazhi , it is fine for students to install terraform in the labs and create TF code for their infrastructure, and it will work for permitted resources?

This being the case @okeyf16 , suggest you create terraform code on your own workstation, then paste into vi in the lab and save, then apply. Don’t think there is a way to SSH it up directly, so have it somewhere you can easily copy/paste, including the commands to install terraform at the beginning of your session. Obviously the first thing you’ll need to do each time is to generate new credentials for terraform to use.

Thanks @Alistair_KodeKloud & @vijin.palazhi
Will look into that option

Also is there a clear timeline/range for adding Azure Registry & Devops to the supported services ?