Resolve docker compose issues task


I was able to get the docker-compose.yml file to work but it seems there are errors coming from the python “OSError…” Can I submit this task or I am supposed to fix the python issue?

show me your docker-compose file. This will happen when you define wrong object.


Here is the docker-compose file


Hi Salim,

Looks like a disk space issue, did you check the available space ?

Thanks for the input @wael.sadek

Yes, it seems but the task is very clear that I have to fix issues from the docker-compose.yml file only!! :roll_eyes:

@Salim, not sure about the task, but there’re some optimizations that help reduce the docker image sizes. Also not sure how tricky the devops tasks are … I’m not there yet :slight_smile:

@wael.sadek here is the task. I have fixed all issues is the docker-compose.yml, and there were only typos port instead of ports.


@Salim, did you try to clear the images and start over again ?

Hi All,
really not sure why my task failed can i get a response on this?
I correct all the issue in the docker-compose file and run successfully

Hi @eluctur,

@Inderpreet is in a good position to check your issue.


@eluctur what is your KKE username ?


@eluctur This is Pending for you again.

@Inderpreet just checked and still in failed status

@eluctur Sorry about that, should be pending now.

Hi Salim,
how did you resolve your issue?
I am stuck with the same error message.
PFA for your reference. Your suggestions are welcome.


Hi guys,

Sorry for a late reply. I completed the task long time ago and I am not sure if below solution would work for you.

Try to change the web container part and build from a Dockerfile as below



Hi Salim,
there were few typo mistakes in the docker file, I just updated the same as per the error message. It did fix the issue. Thanks for checking on this.


Glad to hear that issue is fixed!..


i got this task yesterday and struggling on that. See the Output and Docker Compose File here:

What have i done wrong?