Redis Cluster deployment Task on Kubernetes :Failed

Hi Everyone,
I am getting the following error:

Ports - service name ‘redis-cluster-service’, port name: ‘client’, port: '6379’

I am successfully able to create pods and Stateful set still my task got failed.
Below is the link for review. Kindly help on what is the issue.!/task_review?task_id=60bce62c78ee2fed2b08d37e

PS: I configured the volumes in Stateful definition file correctly and able to run the pods.

@KodeKloud @player001

Hello, @Vikrant
Did you create a service? Because I haven’t seen in the video.

@player001 @Inderpreet @KodeKloud yes I did. Please see at 5:50 in the video.

HI @player001 @KodeKloud @Inderpreet kindly help. i have only one day left. My pods were running successfully still task got failed. is there issue from my side