RBAC - Practice Test

The dev-user is trying to get details about the dark-blue-app pod in the blue namespace. Investigate and fix the issue.
We have created the required roles and rolebindings, but something seems to be wrong.

MY SOLUTION which the lab says is not correct =>

controlplane $ kc get rolebinding -n blue -o wide
NAME               ROLE             AGE     USERS      GROUPS   SERVICEACCOUNTS
dev-user-binding   Role/developer   5m20s   dev-user
controlplane $ kc describe role -n blue developer
Name:         developer
Labels:       <none>
Annotations:  <none>
  Resources  Non-Resource URLs  Resource Names   Verbs
  ---------  -----------------  --------------   -----
  pods       []                 **[dark-blue-app]**  [get watch create delete list]
controlplane $ kc auth can-i get pods --as dev-user -n blue


Any guidance on the solution please?