Rank changed randomly

Hi @Inderpreet,
I was doing one task and when I finished my rank changed.
I was number 12 in devOPs and now I’m number 32.

but I saw also that all the ranking is a kindo of mess

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Yup, same here! I guess they made a bubu :slightly_smiling_face:


Same here…yesterday I was @ #15 in the DevOps category and now I’m suddenly placed @190!!

HR of Nautilus Corp have implemented a new Bell Curve-based Performance Rating :slight_smile: (Pun intended)

Hi @phantomsg,

Where did you hear this and what does it mean? I didn’t get any notice about any changes.

I think that this is a mistake. There is no way that someone can go from #15 to #190 over night.

This should be fixed now, please check and let us know if you still see any issues.

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Yes it seems ok now.