Rank and Experience not getting updated

Hi KKE Team

Today i completed one task but my points seems to be same even the bonus points are not getting added . Kindly fix this issue . @Inderpreet

Mohammed Sadiq

For me also the task points are not getting added to the experience for the last two days now.

However, review task points are getting added.

@KodeKloud @Inderpreet Appreciate your consideration.

yes. points are not updated. @rahul456

Same here. Rank and Experience not updated

Same here - Rank and Experience not updated.

Kindly someone acknowledge this issue @Inderpreet

Hi guys! There was a bug and we are fixing it. This will be fixed by tomorrow and your experience points and ranks will be updated soon.

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The issues should be fixed now. Can you please confirm if everything looks good at your end?

Hi Mumshad

I think the points are now getting updated but the previous task points which was 600 its not updated for me .

Thnaks for your follow up on this issue

Mohammed Sadiq


today i completed one task and the points are getting updated . Thanks for your fix .