Questions and Environment is not match during exam

During my exam, I find that some questions cannot be perform in provided environment.

For example,

Question: remove the /xxx/xxx/xxx.txt.

But I cannot find any files under /xxx/xxx or /xxx/xxx directory also not exist.

How to deal with this issue during exam? And anyone have this experience?

Thank you very much.

Hello @jasonsan.leung,
Due to NDA, we can’t discuss exam question’s here.

KodeKloud Support

Thank you for your reminder. I just want mention the situation if happen. How to deal with? Thank you very much.

Hi @jasonsan.leung ,
Maybe you are on the wrong server.
If you followed the steps correctly as per the given instructions and in the right server and you faced this issue then feel free to reach out to the Linux Foundation Support: -

KodeKloud Support

For what it’s worth, check context.