Query related to CKA Exam Question

I have query related to the cka exam question.

  1. is it compulsory to attend the cka backup and restore question.
    if then please let me know the steps for backup and restore ,which need to folllow in exam.

  2. how to solve the add a sidecar container question?

Thanks in Advance


  1. Check this document kubernetes-the-hard-way/etcd-backup-and-restore.md at master · mmumshad/kubernetes-the-hard-way · GitHub which help you to backup/restore the etcd
  2. Check the multi-container PODs lecture and the practice lab:

In practice lab its given direct to create the pod with multi container.
But in Exam it ask like add a sidecar container with the running pod.?
This will be the question in exam Please answer me for this question?
*** Add a sidecar container named sidecar, using the busybox Image, to the existing Pod big-corp-app. The new
sidecar container has to run the following command:
/bin/sh -c tail -n+1 -f /va r/log/big-corp-app.log
Use a Volume, mounted at /var/log , to make the log file big-corp-app.log available to the sidecar container.

And its mandatory to solve the restore and backup question ??

Sorry we can’t discuss the questions of the exam, it’s against the NDA.
Regarding the restore and backup yes, it is a part of CKA exam