Python for Beginner Course

There is a mistake which needs to be corrected. There should be space between double inverted commas as per the output shown and explained. It should be as end=" " not end="".

Also there are some erros in quiz questions, like some quiz questions appear in the section where topic not explained yet, some quiz questions answers in provided IDE throws output answer which is not same as quiz answers which confuses students which is correct answer either the IDE or quiz answers.

Attached is the screenshot.

I did not understand this quiz question and solution, this isn’t explained in the video. Thanks.

And there is a mistake too with quiz answer. Please correct me if am wrong.

Loops section quiz questions bit messy i assume, break condition questions are asked one section before the concept explained and is bit confusing.

Have to agree. The quizzes in this Python course ask questions about material that has not been presented. For example, the Functions quiz has questions showing arguments being passed but that is the next section. Not sure if this is intentional. Luckily I am familiar with Python but I have a membership so I take all of the courses I can get. If I had not used Python before, I definitely would have gotten more wrong answers on quizzes.

Overall, this course could use more substance. The author presents the material well, but the videos are super short and the quizzes have repetitive questions with slight changes to constants.

Also, I have posted on this forum before and you can go days/weeks without an answer. For a membership-based course, I should be able to contact the instructor directly with questions. Other platforms provide this functionality.

True, am a absolute beginner to devops, coming from Non-IT background, i did get wrong answers in quizzes, but short videos with quizzes for every concept is really helping me and motivating me to do learn more. I loved this way.

I request KodeKloud to fix it ASAP. I did messaged Mumshad Mannambeth and he did acknowledged it will be looked into.

Also, you can’t use the end=’ ’ parameter in the trinket console for the quizzes.

print(x, end=' ')

will throw an error:

SyntaxError: bad input at <unknown>

From experimenting, it seems like the end parameter for the print function is not implemented.

The same code works fine on a local python interpreter or other online REPLs.