Puppet Setup Local Yum Repos

@mmumshad, @Inderpreet:
The same story as with my previous puppet task: Puppet Create Symlinks https://community.kodekloud.com/t/puppet-create-symlinks/6990/4
All works fine and got task failure:

  • it seems like class ‘local_yum_repo’ is not defined properly in ‘ecommerce.pp’ file on puppet master i.e Jump Server

Yeah I agree, I think that the puppet tasks are not experienced before, I have the same issue with another task ‘Replace string’ I got the right result but got task failure

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The funny thing is that I did exactly how it is done in official KK course: Introduction to puppet. :slightly_smiling_face:
Lets hope someone will fix this…

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@Goldenor @andrzej
please check and advise