Puppet Setup Local Yum Repos Task

Hi guys @Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3 @mmumshad,

The task has been marked failed saying the application (vim-enhanced) was not installed from the yum_local repository on stapp01 which is wrong!. The same application has been installed on stapp02 & stapp03 from the same repository. Please check the configs below

The class;

The package vim-enhanced successfully installed on stapp01

The package vim-enhanced successfully installed on stapp02

The package vim-enhanced successfully installed on stapp03

The yum_local repository successfully configured on the puppet master

Please check the issue. Thanks


Hi @Salim ,

The below commands maybe help to check whether the package was really installed using yum_local repo

yum repolist
yum list vim-enhanced

Also, I do not see the package resource type used in your manifests. It would ensure that the package is installed using the required repo.

Hi @kleansoul,

There is only one repository “yum_local” from the /etc/yum.repos.d/ directory, how is it possible to install this package from other repository?.


Hi @Salim,

You are missing a point here…

How can you ensure that the application package is installed using your puppet manifests? It could have been already installed. That’s why its important to check using the commands which I mentioned earlier and to add the package resource type in the manifest.

Also, can you share the output of the puppet agent command on all App Servers?

@kleansoul I got you man. Thanks.