Puppet Setup File Permissions task failed due to my mistake

Hi Team,

@rahul456 @Inderpreet @player001

if I can I have one more chance to solve this task, as it failed due to my mistake. I set file permission 0644 instead of 0744 was required in the question.

my email: bilalshakir41396@hotmail.com

my task was successful if this mistake has not happened


Hello, @bilalshakir41396
Can you please check the file permissions? I don’t think so it’s “0744”.

yes, this is the reason its failed, I shared my mistake that I set 0644 instead of 0744.

now if this can be mark as pending I will correct and for sure task will be successful. @player001

Please share it in the “Review” section. I will respond and mark it as a solution after that try again.

ok, shared for review. but after this on successful I will get 50 percent marks. :unamused:

Please don’t focus on percent marks. Focus on what you have learnt in that duration.

@bilalshakir41396 Don’t worry about that, learn from the mistakes so that you wont repeat it again…