Puppet demos are not working

Puppet demos displays empty page. I have tried Firefox and Opera browsers. For example “Demo - Option 1/2 Setup Local Environment with VirtualBox” has empty page when I click it. Any suggestions what to do?

Sorry about that. We just checked our end and don’t see any issue. Can you please right click on the page select inspect and then select console and send us what you see there?

What browser are you using? Have you tried chrome?

Can you also please try deleting any cookies and reloading?

Have you tried pressing the play button?

I tried before Firefox and Opera. Now I tried Chrome, Edge and Safari. Chrome was fresh install.
I removed all cookies and reloaded but it did not work. I also tried with another computer, but couldn’t get it to work.

This is from Chrome inspect and console:
fbevents.js:23 [Facebook Pixel] - Duplicate Pixel ID: 167265677139698.
o @ fbevents.js:23
r @ fbevents.js:23
x @ fbevents.js:23
V @ fbevents.js:25
T @ fbevents.js:25
ka @ fbevents.js:25
(anonymous) @ fbevents.js:25
(anonymous) @ fbevents.js:25
s @ fbevents.js:23
each @ fbevents.js:23
value @ fbevents.js:25
value @ fbevents.js:25
value @ fbevents.js:25
plugin @ 167265677139698?v=2.9.14&r=stable:53
value @ fbevents.js:25
a.registerPlugin @ fbevents.js:25
(anonymous) @ 167265677139698?v=2.9.14&r=stable:28
5919169:3920 src=https://dialog.filestackapi.com/dialog/comm_iframe/
5919169:3924 https://dialog.filestackapi.com/dialog/comm_iframe/
5919169:3924 https://www.filestackapi.com/dialog/comm_iframe/

I don’t see any play button when I click the title (black page only).

We are checking this. Apologies for the inconvenience. We will keep you posted.

Now it is working. I guess you fixed it. Also the icons before lecture titles changed to play buttons.

Thank you very much.