Puppet Create Symlinks

It looks like another bug. All was verifie and result is ok.
Please have a look.

@mmumshad, @Inderpreet, @KodeKloud, @kodekloud-support3:
Can someone verify this task, please ?

Can you check this please ? All looks ok and task has failed.

@Inderpreet, @mmumshad:
Can u check this and related task: Puppet Setup Local Yum Repos.

In both result was correct but task was classified as failed.

Please I just completed this task everything was working fine. System timed out on me when it was checking my work. when I check my dashboard it found out that the task was marked “Failed”. There is no way I could have failed this task when everything worked fine.

Hi Team,

I am getting same error.I am getting desired output on all app server ex:app2


I experienced the same. I thought it was only me. Interesting.

I have also the same problem in puppet symlink task
I have attached screenshot for your reference

@Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3
yesterday i also failed in this task stating class symlink is not defined properly in .pp on jumpserver although I was able to check .txt file on each app server.

I see you made a typo mistake.

Correction is as below:

 ensure => 'link',

Refer link:

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@andrzej I think that u have to use just one manifest file us mentionned :

Note: Please perform this task using file.pp only, do not create any separate inventory file.

Yes yes but this Note was not in my task when I first attempted it :slight_smile:

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@andrzej @sjeyendran I see you are running the command “puppet agent -tv” on all app servers for creating symlink and file. Is that not defying the purpose of the puppet. Sorry, I am new to puppet, Please clarify.

Jo hussain !
This only speeds up enrollment as configuration will be applied anyway to all nodes every 30 mins.

Thanks for clarifying. I was a bit confused I am used to Ansible.