Public Profile redirected to the home page

Hi :slight_smile: I have noticed my public profile
is redirected (302) to the home page if I am not logged in.
I have enabled the checkbox:


Make Profile Public

in my kodekloud engineer account


Hi @Lucio-Palmieri ,
Thanks for reporting this. I will forward this to the concerned team. They will take a look into it.

KodeKloud Support

Hey @Lucio-Palmieri
Just wanted to know, you want to share your KKE profile URL? Please confirm.

Your KKE public profile URL is here -
KodeKloud - Engineer


Hi @Tej-Singh-Rana , yes, I want to share my KKE profile URL; sorry i was using the wrong url, thank you very much for the reply, now everything is ok :slightly_smiling_face: