Problem with the connection


Most of the time I am getting following error.

Oops! Sorry, we had a problem. Please refresh and try again.
We are sorry but we encountered a problem with the connection.
Please refresh and try again.
Wed May 19 2021 16:26:57 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
io server disconnect

I have the same issue, could you have a look on it?
Impossible to load the task from katacoda, the screen stay with a content white page.

I’m sad :cry: because it’s seems my ip has banned from katacoda. i don’t know why.
I’ve got this message :
The owner of this website ( has banned your IP address

what can i do without using a vpn?

Please write to with the screenshot of the IP ban so that we can assist you in unblocking the IP address from katakoda.

OK thanks, i will send an email.

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Yes I am also facing the same issue for the past 2 days. My tasks got expired because of this issue.


Still today, am facing this issue.**

Hi @Mando @sozhan308 @cherian530

Could you please share some more information, like which scenario/s you were working on when you started facing this issue ? Or which scenario/s you just completed before this issue ?


I have the same problem. In my case when the task is loading I am stuck with a white page and nothing is loading like @Mando has described it.
Clearing the cache logging out and in again didn’t resolve the problem.
The last task I finished was “Linux banner” on May 18th. The task I am currently trying to start is “Create a cron job” and it’s due today 2:30pm.
I hope this problem can be resolved quickly, so none of us has their tasks expired.

If you need more information let me know.
Thank you!

edit: One time while retrying to load the task I got a an error telling me that “the page can’t be loaded when embedded in another another page” so I confirmed to open it in another tab. Then I got the usual linux console but it was just black and empty. When I refreshed that page I got a katakoda bad gateway error showing that there was a problem with the Host. I failed to take a screenshot to show to you, sorry.

@Inderpreet @Mando @sozhan308 @cherian530

The issue seems to be resolved. At least for me it is working now. My task got loaded correctly and I was able to finish it successfully without problems.

Hi @Inderpreet
I have this issue on task “Ansible Basic Playbook”, when i want to validate the task, then issue come and after i cannot reload the task (content ). so when i see that (banned address ip), i used the vpn of my job, and i can complete the task.
But now on the task “Git Install and Create Repository”, i cannot load the task even if i used the vpn of my job

I retry with the vpn , log out from kodekloud engineer, the i load the task, but i see debug informations, then a latence in the katacoda console, then i issue on the display screen, some “div” are reduced, so i cannot play with the task.
thanks for your help

Thanks @KodeKloud and @Inderpreet, now i can access to katacoda normally and to load a task in kodekloud engineer. :star_struck:

Thanks @Kodekloud @Inderpreet @nodiehl Everything is working fine now