Problem with Resolve Docker compose issues task

Dear Team,
I fixed the docker-compose errors and did not update any other config as instructed , still it is marked as failed saying “Even after running ‘/opt/docker/docker-compose.yml’ on App Server 3 python app seems down” although both the containers are showing up . Can you please check

What is the command you used .

Did you try with -d option

docker-compose up -d

Hi sadiq1425,
According to the instruction , the containers would be rebuilt once the assignment was submitted . Even after it was marked failed , I checked both containers were running

@shameeksl After running compose up its good to wait for few seconds or minutes to see if containers remain up and running, sometimes after few seconds or minutes container can go down due to some error or something so possible when the validation ran your python container was down.

Thanks Inderpreet . Can you suggest where things went wrong . There were 2 typo errors in the compose file (“version” and “depends”) which were fixed . Unfortunately I forgot to take screen shots , but still the compose file was run without any error

The issue has been fixed . There was a typo in the “redis” section .

Glad to hear the issue has been resolved