Problem to drain node01

Hello a question, I would like to know the reason for this error, I am wanting to do a DRAIN of Node01, before updating it in Kubernetes, but I get this error that does not let me. Previously I did everything in NodeMaster without problem, what can it be?

Thank you.

Hello, @maktup
In the node01, a Pod is running which is not dependent on the ReplicaSet, Deployment, ReplicationController as shown in the warning. You have to use –force flag to drain the node forcefully. Once Pod deleted, won’t be possible to recover at all. So manage it first then do forcefully.
kubectl drain node01 --ignore-daemonsets --force

Hello but if I put –force this Eliminate I understand all PODs that I have in the Node01, and I do not want that, my idea when applying Drain is that said PODs automatically if they disperse to other free Nodes such as Node02 or Node03, I understand that for that is the Drain with the –ignore-daemonsets.

What can i do ?

Single Pod cannot replicate to other free Nodes. They have not made for this. If you want to deploy in the other Nodes. Use “nodeName” or “nodeSelector”. in the spec section.