Practice test errors in "role based access controls"

I ran that practice test (from CKA course) several times always same issues:

Most important issue, the step 10 of this practice test has error, the step says:

The dev-user is trying to get details about the dark-blue-app pod in the blue namespace. Investigate and fix the issue.

We have created the required roles and rolebindings, but something seems to be wrong.

That namespace does not exist. There are no additional ns other than the usual 4 (default and the 3 kube-* ones) so it’s not a ns name typo either. The stated roles and rolebindings do not exist in any namespace (I used kubectl get --all-namespaces to verify).

This blocked me from progressing to next question but I was able to do that by manually creating the ns, role, and rb, and guessing the correct role requirements (it was actually kind of fun!)

Smaller error : Step 11 says you need apps and extension api groups to allow creation of deployments whereas you just need the one that pertains to the version of kubernetes being run (extension for old k8s, apps for newer).

Btw the step would be a good opportunity to show how to find out that info, say via kubectl explain or kubectl api-resources. The scenario checker could probably even determine what the correct group should be.

There was an earlier step (perhaps step 5) in same practice test that had similar issue, saying that a user had been created but it hadn’t. But that question was multiple choice so it was easy to complete just by guessing.