Portworx Certified Admin Course

Thanks for putting together the Portworx Certified Admin (PCA) and Portworx Fundamentals courses! I did both and passed the PCA on my first attempt.

A bit of feeback on the PCA I have:
For ALL labs involving minio, the minio client profile called “px” fails to setup due to a syntax issue; seems like “–api S3v4” should be provided instead of just “S3v4”

In the “Labs - Snapshots on Kubernetes” – there was an issue with validation (naming mismatch between questions and answers) for group volume snaps
In the “Lab - CloudSnaps” – the last validation command is incorrectly checking if a pvc was successfully created by expecting wc -l = 0
In the “Labs - 3D Snapshots” – it says to createa a pre snapshot rule twice in a row instead of a pre and post snapshot rule and group volume snapshot makes use of annotations instead of spec
In the “Labs - Application Backups” – the backup location uses disableSSL: false but that needs to be true to work

Also if possible, I would suggest making tmux available on all labs (instead of requiring it to be installed manually) as this helps when jumping between master and nodes.