Pattern 'AMBASSADOR' (application)

I have a question about the application of the: PATTERN 'AMBASSADOR.

  • I understand that it is a variant of the ‘Container - Sidecar’ pattern.
  • I understand that it is used as a ‘Container’, in communication with the ‘Outside World’ as an ‘Endpoint’.
  • I understand that it forms an abstraction layer, so that the application developer only concentrates on the ‘Application’ itself, without worrying about ‘Connectivity Details’.

Then you could consider as: 'AMBASSADOR’ CONTAINER to create a Utility MicroService, which exposes an API on port 8080 by HTTP, for access to a DB external to the cluster.

This Microservice would generate an IMAGE in DockerHub.

Then, create a MultiPod in Kubernetes that has a Sidecar Container inside, which references said IMAGE, so that the Main Application (Another Microservice inside), reuses said Sidecar to access all the exposed functionalities of the external DB.

Would this pattern be well applied here?

Thank you.

Hello @maktup,

Yes, It will be good to apply this pattern here.