Passwordless ssh problem

I did same steps for all the three app server and it worked too. not sure why it is giving error on app1. have a look.

This topic can give you a hint

Hi Francilio,

yes i cheked that post earlier also.

  1. why did it fail only for app01, i did same steps on all 3 app server.

  2. question mentioned “passwordless thor account”. can you repost complete problem statement here to review it. i am not able to see it now.


Hello Aakash,

I think the question was to make passwordless login for thor on remote machines, but using their respective sudo user, like tony for app server 1 and so on. So you should be able to login with user tony on app server 1 without using a password.

Hope this explains

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I am having the same problem. The question clearly states that for the user thor please set up passwordless authentication via ssh. I did so for all 3 app servers and received a failed status.

Can someone please check and credit me? I

have the screen shot to prove my results.