Passed CKA today. Thanks @Mumshad Mannambeth @Tej_Singh_Rana for the great cours . . .

Baoming Wang:
Passed CKA today. Thanks @Mumshad Mannambeth @Tej_Singh_Rana for the great course! Here are some personal exp

  1. I’m currently a graduate school student and knew nothing about k8s before. If I can do this, I believe you all can!
  2. I went through all the labs for roughly 3 times. Try to get yourself familiar with documentation, and try to find what you want by one (search + click)
  3. I bought and took it as real exam to get myself warm up. I wanna say it did have similar Terminal with real exam, and I personally believe it worth the money. But for the content, this course alone would be enough
  4. There would be one or two questions that are really hard for me even I cleared all labs and, for example question related to Network Policy. If you cannot come up with answers in 5-10 minutes, skip it and come back later may be a good choice

Kemal Göklen:
congrats @Baoming Wang how long did you preapere for the exam?