Passed CKA Exam

Jo !
Just passed my CKA Exam.
Thanks @mmumshad for amazin training and kodekloud labs.
Thanks to whole KKE team for fantastic Virtual work simulation.
andrzej-kozlowski-certified-kubernetes-administrator-cka-certificate.pdf (698.0 KB)


Congratulations @andrzej

congratulation @andrzej

Congratulations @andrzej :hugs:

Congrats on passing the CKA! We all hope to join you soon enough :smiley:

Congrats @andrzej
One question, probably you can help me out.

For the CKAD exam, they seem to have 4 different clusters as below.
My question is - 1. How do we know which question is intended for which cluster
2. How do we jump to the node of a particular cluster. I dont think they provide the node name.
3. In one of the exam, the question was to find the POD which was not working but they dint mention any specific cluster name. In this case, what should be done.

|k8s|1 master, 2 worker|flannel|k8s cluster|
|dk8s|1 master, 1 worker|flannel|k8s cluster|
|nk8s|1 master, 2 worker|calico|k8s cluster|
|sk8s|1 master, 1 worker|flannel|k8s cluster|


Hi debu3645,

Every question starts with a note at the top of each question asking you to switch to specific cluster context and they share the command as well to switch to that cluster.

Then you will have your question.

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Congrats @andrzej, I have one question on ETCD Backup and restore. Backup is fine, but when it comes to restore, we just need to restore by repacing the “save” in backup command with “restore” in restore command with the requested backup file, or do we need to use data-dir and other 4 parameters which are mentioned in Mumshad’s course and update etcd.yaml file new backup dir path and cluster token and volume mount path?